Hello there! We are Louis and Anthony. We love building things. We are creating 2aud.io as well as Leon, an open-source personal assistant.

If you have any feedback, any questions or just want to say hello, we'll be very glad to talk to you!

Now let us tell you a bit more about 2aud.io.

Photo of Louis Grenard Photo of Anthony Rubio


2aud.io is a tool that converts weblinks (articles, literature works, etc.), plain texts and files into audio. Once your texts have been converted, audio files are saved on the 2aud.io side so you can download or simply play it whenever you want. Also, 2aud.io supports 30 languages with 159 premium voices from multiple regions of the world.


Too often we kept great contents on the sides by promising to ourselves we'll read it one day. But guess what... Most of the time we didn't. And why we didn't? Here might be some reasons:

  • We're going to sleep and our eyes should rest.
  • This specific content is about learning and we memorize better by listening.
  • It is more convenient to listen as we're going to drive, cook or whatever.
  • Prefer to optimize our time.
  • We're lazy to read on that moment.

Today before jumping into a subway, plane, car or before falling asleep, we will use 2aud.io to listen to our favorite contents.

We decided to create 2aud.io because if that solves the problem for us, it might solve it for you too. You can listen to your favorite contents while driving or taking the subway to your way to work or whenever.
Also, as we like to create contents on our spare time, we can easily offer an audio version of our contents to our readers/listeners. So do you?

If you got the same concerns, then you should try 2aud.io for free.

If you got the same concerns, then you should try 2aud.io for free.